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  1. (in a film or television show) an amusing or charming first encounter between two characters that leads to the development of a romantic relationship between them.

    "it all started with a little meet-cute in a hospital elevator"


  1. (of two characters) have an amusing or charming first encounter that leads to the development of a romantic relationship.

WASHINGTON DC MEET,                

meetcute logo-01.png

A local weekly dating series, open to all sexualities and gender identifications, catered to the young professional looking for that special someone in their personal life. 

Rotating venues monthly, this series will provide an old school atmosphere for those who ask "Is romance dead?" Rolling with that sentiment this will be an UNPLUGGED event where phones are not allowed to be out for exchanging personal details (Tres vrai, this means your social media accounts). 

Within an hour you may have up to 15 dates, on a first name ONLY basis. On the score card you are given each date will coincide with a number. If the vibe is right and you match up on your respective cards you are sent via email their first name and e-mail address. From there it's up to you!

Ticket price includes discounted drink specials at the pre-event mixer to help you "shake it off!"

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