To Cinderella her fairy godmother says, “On the stroke of twelve, the spell will be broken, and everything will be as it was before.”

Well no offense to fairytales, but after a day of working with Ariel Lewis, CEO and founder of AList Experiences, I can tell you that after midnight, the spell is certainly still there.

Make-up artist at 18 for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. Freelancer while in college to pay her way. Speech Pathologist. Mother. Stay at home mom. Mogul.

In that order.

Missing the interactions with clients after tackling motherhood at home, Lewis started the job of networking in 2011 with other make-up artists, while stepping back into the role herself, specializing in weddings. In 2012 she hired her first hair stylist and with the help of her growing team since then, they’ve now stepped into the corporate and media market after huge success in the industry of “happily ever after.”

Launching in 2016, the mission of AList Experiences? “To bring people confidence and empowerment through many forms of self-love.” From photographers, hot towel licensed barbers, make-up artists, hairstylists, videographers and many other vendors, the culmination of this talent enhances the client’s experience and spirit.

Waking up at 5:00 a.m. every day, getting the kids off to school, work-out, and then checking her email before going into her schedule whether it be photoshoots, events or taking care of the back end of the company, one can’t help but take note of Lewis’s passion and drive.

Balancing it all she makes sure each aspect of her life gets the attention it deserves. When in work mode, she focuses on making the company a success. When with her family, she is fully present whether it be dates with her daughter Selena, finger painting with her son Cruz in the dining room or traveling to Aruba with her husband Eric to ring in their anniversary.

When asked why she loves it, Lewis says, “I love make-up for so many reasons. I love it because of the art but I also love it because of how it makes women feel. I love to make women feel empowered. Make up is a tool I use to do that. I love how Makeup can help highlight a woman’s favorite features. I love the confidence boost it gives my clients and myself. I love how Makeup is meant to be unique to each individual.”

What has been her favorite event that she has been a part of, “The South Beach Wine and Food Festival and the Emmy’s. All in 2019!”

For your next endeavor whether it be for an event, to promote your company or even to pamper yourself…make sure it is an AList Experience.

Services offered:

Corporate headshot stations.

Beauty bars

Men’s grooming lounges

VIP beauty Lounges

Pop up spas

Photography: Brady Scot Photography

Hair: Ryan Nickulas

Make-Up: AList Experiences

Dress and Earrings: Rizik’s

Venue: The Perry Belmont House

Creative Director: Nora Lee by Brandt Ricca

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