Doyle: Cocktails With A Side of Hospitality

After a multimillion-dollar renovation DuPont Circle is welcoming back a favorite!

Doyle, formerly known as Bar DuPont is back and better than ever! With its 1950s inspired design The DuPont Circle Hotel has found the perfect way to combine comfort and elegance in its bar. I wouldn’t be surprised to catch TV’s favorite ad man Don Draper sipping on an old fashioned at their beautifully marbled bar.

The charming fireplaces tucked perfectly in the venue allows for the intimacy of a first date over glasses of champagne and a fine charcuterie board. The ever so popular panoramic windows offer perfect seating for friends to sip on a cocktail, while scenic DuPont Circle bustles about.

But not all changes were cosmetic for this bar, “The canvas that we had was not allowing us to showcase the great painting”Mehdi Bouzaki, Bar Manager said. The renovations not only allowed Doyle to upgrade the space but to elevate the service and products, and that they’ve undoubtedly accomplished.

When entering you’re welcomed with smiles and the sounds of music greats like Aretha Franklin and James Brown. Every staff member you encounter is eager to assist you.

For Doyle it’s all about the experience. It’s easy for Bartenders and Servers to recommend menu favorites like the Washington Sour or the irresistible DuPont Fries but they’re more interested in figuring out what you like. When asking for recommendations you’ll be sure to hear, “What are you in the mood for tonight?”or “What do you usually look for in a white wine?”So they can suggest that incredible Three Brooms Sauvignon Blanc with the burrata cheese or whip up a memorable cocktail catered to you.

That’s the personal goal for Bar Manager Bouzaki, to ensure every guest feels at home and establish an ambience you can’t find anywhere else.

In February Doyle plans to launch some new winter inspired cocktails. These cocktails, influenced by the flavors and spirits of winter, showcase some house made ingredients. My favorite: a sour featuring small batch bourbon which is a symphony in your mouth. Flavors of green chartreuse, honey and lime finish perfectly with a small kick of chili bitters.

Another classic inspired option is the gimlet, which is a favorite of Assistant Bar Manager Dominik Lenikowski: The Vigilant Navy Strength Gin cocktail, assembling a bouquet of flavors consisting of cherry and cynar.

The combination of service and hospitality makes this bar the ideal spot for just about any occasion. Doyle has managed to perfectly tailor luxury experiences for its guests.

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Photos by: Channing Foster

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