Getting CAITY’d Away with All About Balloons

Editor. Professional Poker Player (World Series of Poker 3 times!). Nurse. Balloon Artist.

These are titles that Caity Byrne, founder of All About Balloons, has held leading up to her calling of balloons. She turned to balloons after watching a documentary involving clowns and decided to give being a clown a try as a self-proclaimed “lifelong weirdo.”

“About three minutes” she lasted as a clown, but she loved the balloon aspect she worked with. Post clowning around she contracted a life-threatening illness that had her recovering in the hospital for weeks. Light was found in balloons. “It is the only medium I’ve ever been a decent artist in, sculpting latex comes naturally.”

Cut to eight years later, I met Byrne at an event we did together back in December 2018. All we had done was correspond through emails prior, but meeting her the day of the event, I knew there was something about her…and no it wasn’t just the fancy “Elton John like” glasses she was donning.

As a new business owner, one finds themselves always seeking advice, which I am. Hearing Byrne touch on her company’s hard work, it is nothing short of motivating. “It is said that one must have 10,000 hours of experience to be an expert. I’ve put in my hours and then some.”

Byrne & Co. has also worked with a well-known client *coughs* Michelle Obama. She provided balloons for the Obama’s final Halloween Party, which the First Lady snap-chatted the 15-foot spider Byrne created for the event. With impressive décor such as giant ghosts, life size spiders and balloons filled with other balloons, All About Balloons was invited back to be a part of the farewell party for the First Family.

Ideal clients are those that let Byrne’s freak flag fly, as I did during Nora Lee’s inaugural Mardi Gras Masquerade Ball with her AMAZING wall. The installation is still something that is talked about in the District among attendees.

Large balloon installations aren’t something one sees every week at an event and are the perfect addition to “WOW!” your guests. Being a white-glove service, All About Balloons prides themselves on needing no oversight and being perfectly creative, which is always a certain deliverable.

Bringing people joy is a perk of the job Caity Byrne loves, it never gets old as no one is ever mad when the balloon lady shows up. They, like ourselves, tend to get Caity’d away.

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