Mafia Means “Bravado…”

Deli store front serving up delicious food. Up and coming neighborhood of Shaw at 8th and Florida NW. The name’s Capo Deli and when you venture in make sure the light is on above the freezer door which leads to the back…

The Backroom that is. In this space you are transported through time not only with the prohibition era décor, but with an “offer you can’t refuse” on cocktails and event options oozing with that mobster confidence.

Catering to the underground music scene in DC this establishment offers something for everyone, no matter your taste. Renowned DJ’s Farrah Flosscett & Mathias combined forces and gave birth to @throwingshadedc: a bi-weekly party where you won’t stumble upon your typical lyrics. With a mix of old school tunes and sounds of the future, this party makes Thursdays in The Backroom a different vibe of escape in the District.

“And on the 7th day he rested.” NOPE! The first Sunday of each month in the Winter The Backroom offers “Electric Rainbow,” with sounds from local DJ Chord Bezerra who mixes out the right amount of fun after your church service utters “and peace be with you.”

Wrapping up each month with the last Sunday, is the “Vinyl Revival” exuding music stylings of classic hip-hop and new wave provided by multiple DJ’s per DC Vinyl Headz.

This location is also available to host your next private event – Roaring 20’s theme anyone? While there and finding yourself not a fan of deli food? No problemo, you can outsource your preferred treats for guests. With this space offering a different twist on events and sounds being spun in a unique layout, The Backroom gives off some rose-colored swagger in a sometimes gray, “by the book” town. Reach out to Nora Lee for more information on how to host your next party there! Capo Deli

715 Florida Ave NW

Open seven days a week *The Backroom slaying Thursday-Sunday*

Follow on Instagram @whatiscapo and @capobackroom Photography by Meghan Francis Creative #capodc #capobackroom #noralee #DC #throwingshade #electricrainbow #vinylrecords


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