Perfekt Blend Band, The Perfekt Fit!

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

You’re planning your next event, you have the perfect flowers, the perfect caterer, perfect venue…what’s missing? The Perfekt Blend Band! A Top 40 Cover band located right here in our back yard. Based out of Woodbridge, VA this band rocks the house all the way through The DMV area. From Weddings to Galas (here at Nora Lee we have worked with them on both!) to your end of the year office party the Perfekt Blend Band is perfect or shall I say “Perfekt” for your event.

Photo by Haythem Lafhaj @capitalcitycollective_

It’s the goal of the band to be as “essential to your event as the décor and catering,” says Jacque, Perfekt Blend’s band manager. With a song list ranging from Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye and the Supremes. From Journey, Jon Bon Jovi and Maroon 5, top 40 means a lot more than what you’re hearing on the radio today. So if you’re tired of hearing Bruno Mars don’t worry, the Perfekt Blend Band is customizable. If you want to hear you and your partners favorite song at your wedding reception, no problem!

For your event, the band offers a range of options. From the full band, which includes vocalists, a rhythm section and a horn section to just the instrumental, the band can work in any space. If you’re not sure exactly what you’ll need, don’t worry, Jacque can help. As an experienced event planner, Jacque’s job is ensuring the Perfekt Blend Band is a perfect fit. “No event is alike,” she says. That’s why she ensures that the band, the costumes and even the lighting is just right for you.

From left, Photos by: Bowen Films @bowenfilms, Will Sledge @iamwillsledge, & Perfekt Blend @perfektblendband

Most important to the band is that the event is all about you and your guests. They want to make sure every one is having fun. For them it’s not just about showcasing their artistry, it’s about putting on an unforgettable performance. It’s not rare to see one of the vocalists coming out into the crowd and interacting with everyone.  

Throughout the event they keep the party energized with their enthusiasm for the songs and soulful vocals keeping everyone from wanting to leave the dance floor, ensuring your guests have sweated off all of their pre-event pampering as the band will surely have them makin’ “moves like Jagger.”

If you want to take a peek at the Perfekt Blend Band before your next event check out their Instagram for updates on upcoming fundraisers and appearances throughout the area. If you can’t make it to one of those be on the look-out for their upcoming video highlighting their talent which begs the question, are they available for your next party? Check with Nora Lee and we’ll let you know!

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