Rediscovering a D.C. Classic

Updated: Dec 15, 2018

Ahoy there folks! Brandt Ricca here: grandson of Nora Lee (who was a boss b–), marketing enthusiast and planner of events in D.C. This is my space to talk. Talk about what? Well, I’ve been living in the District for eight years, hailing from Virginia, hailing from Louisiana. I’ll be writing about the places I go, the events I plan, the local partnerships I forge, and the mistakes I make (or don’t make!) along the way. Expect lessons learned on this road called starting a company.

Getting down to business…

Launching  an events company requires a lot of networking. Lucky for me, it’s already led to incredible relationships with industry mavens and invites to some swanky ass lunches. Channing Foster, an affiliate of Nora Lee and creator of the infamous DC food blog @thebooziefoodie (check it out right now!), invited me to a tasting in Georgetown NW . . . Sequoia on the Georgetown Waterfront. Thanks, lady!

Commonly heard upon mentioning the venue “OH EM GEE, I haven’t been there in forever!” or “I forgot about that place.”

Turns out one taste wasn’t enough. Nora Lee partnered with Sequoia and invited its partners, affiliates and clients to the venue for a two-part brunch series. . . 

Picture it:  You’re walking past the ice-skating rink, through the double doors and up the staircase.  As you peer out at the Potomac River and the Kennedy Center, you are immediately covered in nothing but the natural light (Selfie?). You are escorted to a table with crisp white linens where your champagne flute, coffee saucer and water glass never fall below half full.

My group went with Sequoia's vast and overwhelming buffet option. Where to start? I felt like Augustus Gloop in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. Should I start with a made-to-order waffle? Pasta? Tenderloin?? Maybe the seafood bar chock full of oysters, crab legs and peel-and-eat shrimp? For me… it was the display of bacon, followed by a skip over to the Bloody Mary Bar.

After eating until our pants had to be unbuttoned (only top button people!), we took a few deep breaths and headed for the DESSERT stations. Imagine yummy pastries, rice krispies dipped in a fudge fountain AND milkshakes made fresh in your favorite flavor.

There’s more Nora Lee adventures in the District coming...what that looks like? Stay tuned... Want to check out Sequoia for your next event? Hit me up and I’ll fill you in.

Sequoia in Georgetown

3000 K Street NW

Sunday Brunch, 11:00am – 3:00pm


Put on your stretchy pants and go there now!

Photos by Meghan Francis Creative

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