Running on Creativity

de·sign /dəˈzīn/ noun

1. a plan or drawing produced to show the look and function or workings of a building, garment, or other object before it is built or made.

Sounds simple enough right? For Matt Miller it is. Cue Max Richter, coffee, some micron pens and your vision comes to life whether it be for your next event featuring creative aspects, interior designs for your home or even office space.

“There were a few really amazing historic houses in my hometown (Bel Air, MD) that were open to the public and when I was younger, I would visit them with my mom just to explore. I’ve been in love with interior design and architecture for as long as I can remember.”

Miller took that passion, his lifelong collection of magazines, that showcased floor plans and renderings of “prefab” houses and cultivated it through-out his entire educational career. He participated in art classes and competitions in his youth and attended one of the best art schools, Virginia Commonwealth University, where he received a BFA in Interior Design.

After years of working on his craft like a young Mita Corsini Bland, Miller decided it was time to get paid for it, (because OBVI)! Moving to the District he joined JD Ireland Design and Architecture evolving from assistant, to Project Manager, Designer then Senior Designer.

Relocating to Tampa, FL in 2017 he took up professional residence at Oxford Design Studio where he was an appealing recruit based on the renderings he drew in college and in later years.   

Because you can’t live off of oranges, Miller solidified his roots back up North in January 2019 and launched Perspective, where he focuses full-time on creating renderings to help craft a vision for clients. Coming off of Nora Lee’s Inaugural Mardi Gras Masquerade Ball, Miller assisted in highlighting the aesthetic of the elaborate décor that draped the event.

Some things can’t be left to the imagination, Perspective is your one-stop shop for anything you can dream up but, need a reality check to pursue.

Photography by Brady Scot Photography

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