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A good angle. A target Audience. An iPhone. These are just a few of the things Channing Foster needs to brew some awareness for local and small businesses in the District.

A DC native Foster left briefly for college to attend Notre Dame where she received a Master’s in Communications and worked for a campus food publication. While there she created the Instagram food blog the Boozie Foodie, as a way to keep in touch with her fellow classmates she worked with. That was in 2014.

Cut to two years later in 2016 when the food scene in D.C. started to explode, all of her boozin’ and foodin’ paid off. Currently garnering 31,000 followers (more than the population of few small towns combined), her food blog has been at the top of every restaurant’s guest list for her to dine in, enjoy and promote. Basically, she’s a lucky duck, “preparation meeting opportunity”.

Building her brand, she said she had a lot of trial and error. “When I was invited to my first Influencer event, I didn’t have an idea what to do. Navigating through all of it I started to realize it from a business perspective and that it was a PR move for companies.” This led her to realize what would benefit businesses and what they would want.

Recently having left her day job as a political fundraiser, she launched the social media marketing firm CLF Strategies. In this new venture she sees it as an opportunity to connect more with up and coming, independently owned businesses in the city she loves.

“A good social media presence has become essential for any new business trying to target a millennial clientele. Standards for what is “good” have gone way up in recent years. Now, a high quality and consistent Instagram page (read: no iPhone photos) is just as important as the traditional PR methods when breaking into the market.”

When eyeing your next marketing strategy online, look to CLF Strategies. Socially acceptable, professional and just what your business needs. De nada.

Photography by Brady Scot Photography

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