The Reign of Inspiration

During a scenic walk through Union Station I got to have an inspirational chat with Miss Capitol Hill DC, Megan Eunpu. You wouldn’t even be able tell she was new to the pageant world as she captivated the community of Capitol Hill with her iridescent gown and glimmering smile. Nevertheless there is so much more to this woman and her title than makeup and beautiful ball gowns.

A few years ago after being inspired by getting out and doing more for the community, Eunpu decided to get into pageants. Her local title of Miss Capitol Hill DC allows her to do just that.

“Capitol Hill is where everything kind of starts,” She said. As the central location for lawmakers her title allows her to hone in on advocacy on the hill.

Eunpu’s goal is to use her platform to make the world a better place, give back to the community and bring people up. “I want to bring about inspiration,” Eunpu said with joy. That’s why she founded Inspiration Across Nations, a platform to highlight people and organization that are making a difference in their community.

Inspiration Across Nations bridges the gap between organizations and volunteers in the DC Area. Through the post on the blog future volunteers can read inspirational post about the people, the organization and the work they could be doing.

Inspiration is the driving force behind Miss Capitol Hill DC. That’s why her next step is being the first Miss DC for America to “inspire and just bring smiles to peoples faces.” As Miss DC for America she hopes to continue to inspire through Inspiration Across Nations, and to highlight the stories of the community.

In a partnership with Inspiration Across Nations and Nora Lee, Eunpu hopes to bring a lot more inspiration to DC. On the evening of April 4 th Eunpu will be hosting the 1st Annual Inspirations Across Nations Soiree. Located at the Backroom speakeasy inside of Capo Deli, the cocktail event featuring a silent auction and a few other goodies will donate 100% of its proceeds to three organizations.

“Look for a place you have passion,” is what she would say to volunteers. Passion is exactly what led Eunpu to two of these organizations. The first A Forever Home, a rescue foundation where she adopted her dog is the largest dog adoption on the east coast. The money from this event will go towards medical assistance for the pregnant dogs they take in and many other needs.

The second is PCOS Challenge, an organization bringing awareness to Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Which according to their website is “one of the most critical, under-diagnosed, underfunded and neglected areas of health.” Eunpu, diagnosed with PCOS herself, choose this organization to assist with the efforts to advocate for a bill that would fund more research into PCOS.

Join Eunpu at the 1st Annual Inspiration Across Nations Soiree to help in her reign of inspiration. What’s better than enjoying great cocktails, networking and giving back at the same time?

Photography by Brady Gaskin

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